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Here you can find answers to commonly asked questions regarding our order processing, the Ubiquiti Store, and other related topics.


We offer a wide array of technology designed for home, business, and ISP applications so we're known for many things, but our global team is uniformly driven to produce next-generation IT solutions that are powerful, cutting-edge, and most importantly, simple to use. We believe that true technical quality lies in the user's experience, not within a list of specs, which is why we are dedicated to providing high-quality, feature-rich hardware and software that benefits every type of user.

Certain products we offer are in such high demand that we have to apply a purchase limit on them. That limit is applied to each UI account to ensure that every customer has an equal opportunity to purchase what they want. Creating a UI account also makes your buying experience more convenient by allowing you to:
• Easily follow up your purchase
• Review and reorder your past purchases
• Store shipping and billing information to save time making future purchases

Our Terms and Conditions can be found here . 


The Ubiquiti Singapore Store only ships to Singapore based customers, but we have official online stores that serve customers in:
United States
Middle East

Unfortunately, once an order is placed, you cannot change its delivery address. However, once you receive your confirmation email with your shipment's tracking number, you can contact the carrier and ask them to update the address. If you need to change your order's contact information, email us at and provide yo ur order number.

Once your order is shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with a linked tracking number. Click the link to track your order. Sometimes, multi-item shipments will be fufilled across multiple warehouses and more than one tracking number will be generated. If so, all applicable tracking numbers will be included in your confirmation email.

Most Ubiquiti Singapore Store products are shipped from one of our Singapore-based warehouses.

For a limited time, shipping is absolutely free on every Ubiquiti Singapore Store order.


You will receive a confirmation email once we have received your returned item and processed its refund. This may take up to 7 business days, depending on how long it takes your item(s) to reach our warehouse. Once your refund is processed, please allow 3-5 business days for the amount to be credited to your account.

Currently, products cannot be exchanged. You will need to return wrongfully purchased item(s) then place a new order. See What is your refund policy? to learn more about our return process or review our Terms and Conditions.  

 All products purchased in an official Ubiquiti Store are protected by a two-year warranty. To check a device's warranty status, please visit our RMA Portal and provide the device's MAC ID. You can also review our full warranty terms here. 

You can review the full terms of our policy here, but here are the main conditions to note:

• Unopened products purchased in an official Ubiquiti Store can be returned within 30 days of their purchase.
• Opened products purchased in an official Ubiquiti Store can be returned within 14 days of their purchase, but are subject to a 15% restocking fee.
• Products that are damaged or missing accessories will not be refunded.

To request a refund, contact us at

Refunds are processed shortly after our warehouse receives the returned item, and funds are usually dispersed within 3-5 business days after that. You will receive a confirmation email when your refund has been processed. Please note that, while unlikely, refunds can be subject to unforeseen delays depending on your bank's processing time.

For troubleshooting assistance, please visit our Help Center, consult our UI Community forum, or contact one of our technical agents via email or live chat in our support portal. If your device issue(s) persist, you can register it in our RMA Portal so our team can review them and determine if a replacement should be shipped to you.


Order information can be found in your UI Store account profile or in the confirmation email you receive after placing an order. If you'd like to request an official invoice, please contact us at  

We accept the following payment methods:
• Visa
• Mastercard
• American Express

GST rates are determined by the Singapore government. Generally, a 8% rate is applied to all sales.  

If you feel you've been overcharged or incorrectly charged GST, please contact us at

Please note that if UI Singapore collects GST for your country of residence, it will be automatically applied to your order at checkout. We recommend consulting a local tax professional to confirm your indirect tax liability since UI Singapore doesn't assume responsibility for any unpaid taxes.

First, check your UI Store account profile to confirm that your order has been submitted. If so, check your bank account to verify that order amount has been debited. If both have occurred, your order is being processed and you can check its status by contacting us at If neither of these have occurred, your order did not go through and must submit it again.


Unfortunately, orders cannot be changed once they are placed. You will have to cancel your order and place a new one. Please note that orders that have entered the fulfillment stage cannot be cancelled. If your order is at this stage, please wait for it to be delivered then request to return it.

Yes, you can cancel any order that has not shipped. To do so, contact us at If the order has already shipped, please wait for it to be delivered then request a refund.

• Received: We're preparing to ship your order.
• Processing: Your order has been transferred from our warehouse to our delivery partner. Once this happens, you will receive a confirmation email with your shipment's tracking number(s).
• Shipped: Your order is on its way to you. If you click on the linked tracking number in your confirmation email, you can receive real-time updates from our delivery partner about its progress and projected delivery date.
• Delivered: Your order has been delivered. If you see this status but have not received your order, please contact us at
• Refunded: We have received your returned item(s) and a refund for them has been processed. Please allow up to 7 business days for funds to reach your account.


If you are required to download specific software to use the products you purchase, your confirmation email will contain a download link for each applicable application. If your confirmation message does not include any download links, but you believe it should, please contact us at to confirm. 

We recommend reviewing the product's datasheet or manual first, but if you're unable to find the information you need, you can visit our Help Center, UI Community forum, or contact one of our technical agents via email or live chat in our support portal.

Ubiquiti's product lines include: UniFi, AmpliFi, EdgeMax, UISP, AirMax, AirFiber, GigaBeam, and UFiber. These product families include solutions that serve a variety of users including, but not limited to, casual users, smarthome enthusiasts, wireless ISPs, IT professionals, and business owners.

Your ideal amount of equipment will depend entirely on your deployment's size and application. We encourage you to visit our UniFi Design Center to project how the deployment you have in mind will fit your specific floor plan. If you're trying to figure out which airFiber or airMax products are right for you, we recommend using our ISP Design Center.

A product's datasheet or manual can be found in the Instructions and Manuals section of their respective Ubiquiti Store page.

AmpliFi is a product line comprised of powerful home routers that utilize advanced antenna and WiFi technology (AmpliFi HD: 802.11ac / AmpliFi Alien: 802.11ax) to provide broad, consistent wireless coverage throughout any residence.

UniFi is a comprehensive network creation suite comprised of various products, including host consoles, switches, security cameras, access points, VoIP phones, and the applications used to adopt and manage them within a UniFi deployment.

All Ubiquiti apps and software are free to use, including:

UniFi Design Center - Plan and test the viability of your UniFi deployment by uploading your floor plan and arranging your desired equipment and connections.

ISP Design Center - A link simulation tool that helps you select your ideal airFiber or airMax products.

• UID Manager - A mobile app that allows UID administrators to manage user access to connected networks and other in-app services.
Download from the
Google Play or Apple Store.

• UI Verify - Gives your UID account an additional layer of security by requiring two-factor authentication (2FA) of each login attempt.
Download from the
Google Play or Apple Store.

• UniFi Protect - Enjoy free, remote access to live and recorded video captured by your UniFi Protect cameras.
Download from the
Google Play or Apple Store. 

UniFi WiFiMan - Optimize y our wireless performance with real time data channel monitoring and modification tools.

• UniFi Network - Host, configure, and monitor all of your network's devices with this mobile app.
Download from the
Google Play or Apple Store.

• UISP Mobile (previously UNMS) - A single-point adoption and management tool for Ubiquiti’s ISP products.
Download from
Google Play or Apple Store. 


If possible, we recommend looking for similar products that are in stock. When a product is out of stock, we will display a pop-up window suggesting alternatives that have similar specifications and functionality. We monitor our inventory closely and restock unavailable products as soon as possible. If you would like to inquire about when a specific product will be restocked, please contact us at and, if possible, we will provide an approximate timetable.

Since restock times can range from a few days to several weeks, we do not allow customers to prepay for out-of-stock items. We recommend either looking for similar products in the Ubiqiuti Store, if possible, or contacting us at to inquire about expected restock dates for specific items.

Order limits are typically placed on new, high-demand products to ensure that more customers have the opportunity to purchase them. Since these items often sell out within just a few minutes of when they are made available, demand often outpaces supply. Order limits allow us to counteract these scenarios, but as supply and demand become more balanced over time, we will lift these limitations.


To receive product restock notifications:
1. Create or log in to your UI SSO account.
2. Go to the product page
3. Check the box that reads Email me when this product is available.

If you request restock notifications for a specific product, we'll send a message to your UI SSO account email address when the product becomes available.

Restock notifications are sent to customers in the order they are requested. If you don't get an email, it's likely because we only received enough product for those that requested notification before you. No worries, though! You'll keep your place in our queue, so if you aren't notified of an initial restock, check your email periodically for updates about subsequent ones.

Thank you for your patience and understanding! This queue system helps us ensure that every customer has an equal opportunity at purchasing the Ubiquiti products they need.

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please consult our UI Community forum, Support Center, or contact us directly at